Friday Update 7-1-16

July 01, 2016


Friday Update 7-1-16 

Greetings faithful readers. Enjoy the wizardry of Chance the Rapper with this delightful “short film” showcasing Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment, and then get to readin’ Friday Update, cuz we got work to do!

Most important reads for this week 

HR 2646 Meddles in Executive Branch Management and Offers an Empty Promise to Families and Providers 
By now, you most likely have heard the news that the House Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously approved the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015 (HR 2646). Amid the cheers among national mental health advocacy groups and members of Congress, I find myself bewildered at the apparent willingness to overlook the many critical flaws in this bill. Have we come to the place where we choose to settle for a bill that is so vacuous and watered down as to be relatively meaningless? My hope is that as this bill and the accompanying bill in the Senate move forward, advocates and members of Congress will grow a spine and call out the more egregious aspects of both bills so that we can hopefully end up with a final bill that means something.

Samantha Bee Addresses the Political Hypocrisy Regarding Guns and Mass Murder in the Wake of the Orlando Massacre 
For those of you who are celebrating the movement of the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015 (HR 2646) through the House, you might want to watch this commentary by Samantha Bee. And as you do, ask yourself a simple question. How many of the Congressional “Champions” of HR 2646 are speaking out against Assault Weapons? Or even more basic, publicly supporting the change in the federal law that would allow the CDC to conduct research on gun violence? Remember, the architects of HR 2646 spread their sails on the winds of mass shootings, pairing the need for mental health reform with promises to end public massacres like those that took place at Sandy Hook, Columbine, Orlando and more.
Warning: This video contains some profanity in the expression of strong views and opinions that viewers may find controversial. 

Dates Announced for the Tampa Conference
Okay, go ahead and mark down March 5 – 8, 2017 on your calendar, pack some sun screen and get ready for the 30th Annual Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health.Details on submitting proposals for the conference will be posted soon. For now, order an extra pair of Bermuda’s and get ready!

Share Your Mental Health Experience With the Parity Task Force 
The Mental Health Substance Use Disorder Parity Task Force wants to hear from patients, families, consumer advocates, healthcare providers, insurers, and other stakeholders on their experience with mental health and substance use disorder parity requirements. Let them know your experience. It’s the first step toward change.

Child Mind Institute Tackles the Challenge of the “Tweens” 
The Child Mind Institute is offering a roundup of some of their best articles about pre-teens. You’ll see tween parenting tips, ideas for boosting self-esteem during a sensitive stage, advice about when to get that first phone and more. You’ll also see descriptions of social anxiety and OCD, since those are two disorders that often first appear during these years. Get your Child Mind on, Network faithful! 

Two-thirds of UK Parents Fear Child’s Mental Illness ‘a Life Sentence’ 
Two-thirds of UK parents fear their son or daughter would be facing “a life sentence” if they developed a mental health problem in childhood, research shows. Many also worry that their child will not get a job, find a partner or have a family as a result of their condition, and might even be taken away from them. How might this translate to the United States? We have so much work to do, Network faithful!

Compare These Gun Death Rates: The U.S. Is in a Different World 
Gun homicides are a common cause of death in the United States, killing about as many people as car crashes (not counting van, truck, motorcycle or bus accidents). This level of violence makes the United States an extreme outlier when measured against the experience of other advanced countries.

Still Time to Register for the National Wraparound Implementation Academy 
Great news! Early-bird registration for the National Wraparound Academy has been extended by one week! Check out the details here.

Children’s Leadership Council Releases Child Well-being Poll 
According to a poll released by the Children’s Leadership Council, Americans strongly support increased government spending on children and child well-being policies . Read the results and tell your elected officials to wake up and focus mental health dollars where they can do the most good.


  • Quality Measures for Mental Health and Substance Use 
    There are more than 500 quality measures related to behavioral health, but only 5 percent are used in quality-reporting programs. This study provides an overview of current measures of behavioral health, identifies priorities for measure development, and outlines the most significant challenges.
  • AHRQ Research Advances Shared Decisionmaking Strategies for Ethnic Minority LGBT Populations 
    Racial and ethnic LGBT minorities face significant barriers when communicating with clinicians, which can result in less effective shared decision-making and poorer health outcomes. A series of AHRQ-funded articles explores the cultural and psychological identities of dual minority patients and offers operational guidance for medical organizations to better facilitate shared decision making with these patients. 

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