About Us

Our Mission

The Children’s Mental Health Network strives to be a fair and independent source of information about children’s mental health, creating a forum for sharing diverse ideas and opinions about ways to improve the lives of children and youth living with mental health conditions and their families.

What We Do (2012 – 2023) 

The Children’s Mental Health Network (CMHNetwork) promotes and supports high-quality services and solutions for children with mental health needs and their families. We are an independent, donor-funded 501-c3 non-profit organization that seeks to provide current, relevant information and ideas about children’s mental health policies and programs. Our “Friday Update” weekly newsletter highlights current topics and critical issues in children’s mental health and reaches a wide, diverse, and increasingly global audience of youth, parents, community leaders, policy-makers, mental healthcare providers, and government officials.

Note: The Children’s Mental Health Network ceased operation in December, 2023. This archived website is available for you to peruse past articles and our vast library of research articles and news sources on children’s mental health, dating back to 2012.