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CMHNetwork Friday Update 7-10-20

July 10, 2020

Hey Network faithful, let’s start  with the Hollow Coves, singing their meaningful song, Anew. It’s a great tune with a great message. Just what we need right about now! Okay, enjoy the song, and then get to readin’ Friday Update, cuz we got work to do!

Most Important Reads of the Week

Our next “Tampa Conference” webinar is approaching. Don’t miss it!

Changing the Narrative and Sustaining the Message of Mental Well-Being Among Young Men and Boys
July 14, 2020 – 2:00 pm ET – 3:00 pm ET
This webinar will highlight the Making Connections initiative in its fifth year and share lessons that have emerged on shifting the narrative about mental health and well-being for young men and boys across the 13 sites. Most local coalitions involved in this work have intentionally engaged young organizers and leaders in planning, implementation, and evaluation. The voices of these young leaders are often those elevated in sharing the model. This work has built a solid foundation for sustaining the work through mentorship, youth board of directors, and building the capacity of young organizers to lead.

And then, coming up after that!

Cultural Considerations of Evidence-Based Practice Implementation: Developing Organizational Culture Assessment Tools to Improve Adoption and Address the Science to Practice Gap
July 23, 2020 – 2:00 pm ET – 3:00 pm ET
This presentation will directly address the disparity between evidence-based practice (EBP) development and evidence-based practice adoption and implementation at human service organizations. Many EBP selection and implementation processes fail to adequately account for the variable resources, leadership structures, staff expertise, and organizational cultures that exist in human services. Instead, they take a “ground zero” approach to implementation, starting from the bottom and retraining staff and leadership to replicate as closely as possible the research conditions under which a given EBP was developed. While this is certainly one approach to minimizing the impact of the science-to-practice gap in human services, this presentation will highlight an alternative approach: thoroughly accounting for organizational culture and its many salient markers before EBP selection, to reduce incongruence between organizational culture and an EBP from the outset of the selection/implementation process.

A Practical Guide to Self-Care for Wraparound Professionals
Self-care for wraparound professionals is vital to the effectiveness of the wraparound process. Passionate helping professionals like wraparound practitioners may not consider their own needs, or they may be preoccupied with their responsibilities. Helpers often mistakenly believe that they are invulnerable to fatigue, stress, frustration, and depression. Often, they see the needs of others and feel the responsibility to lift them up, and in the process, forget about self-care. As helping professionals, we have learned that helpers need help, encouragement, and support, too. This article was written to affirm that, for helping professionals in the wraparound field, proper self-care is both a responsibility and a necessity. Enjoy the wisdom of Julie Radlauer-Doerfler and John VanDenBerg in this timely article!

About 14 Million Children in the Us Are Not Getting Enough to Eat
Last month, around 16% of U.S. households with children reported that their kids were not eating enough over the last week due to a lack of resources. Lauren Bauer looks at food insecurity trends in America and outlines policies to provide immediate assistance.

Julie Radlauer on Practicing Professional Self Care
In this episode of The Optimistic Advocate, Scott engages in conversation with Julie Radlauer, co-founder of the Ronik-Radlauer Group, a leadership development firm in Florida. As a busy mental health advocate and leadership consultant, Julie Radlauer spends her time helping organizations throughout the United States create change, improve their skills in serving families, and establish themselves as leaders in human services in the communities in which they live. Julie does all of this while maintaining a healthy balance with her role as wife and mother. It’s no small feat that she is busier than ever during the height of the Pandemic and a nation in turmoil about racial injustice. Self-care, Julie says, is critical, if mental health advocates are to be productive and useful in their work with organizations and community leaders. She shares some practical tips in this interview. Listen on the podcast player of your choice!

Youth Era Launching in 7 Counties Across Pennsylvania
Our favorite youth-driven organization, Youth Era, is growing leaps and bounds. Be sure to read Corey Ludden’s announcement of Youth Era’s expansion in the state of Pennsylvania. And if you are not on twitch, well, you sure better get with it, or you’re gonna miss out on some amazing things Youth Era is offering.

Gail Cormier Announced as Head of New National Family Support Technical Assistance Center
Congratulations to Gail Cormier for her selection as the Project Director for the National Family Support Technical Assistance Center. If you know Gail, give her some love, cuz she has got a whole bunch a work to do! I can’t think of a better person than Gail to wrangle the expansive scope of the new TA Center to ensure that children’s mental health stays front and center. Go get ’em, Gail!

The Power of Parenting: How to Help Your Child After the Death of a Sibling from Substance Use or Overdose!
This new fact sheet from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network offers parents and caregivers information to help support their surviving children after the death of a sibling due to substance use or overdose. It includes information on helping children cope with stigma and shame associated with an overdose, understanding the wide range of reactions that different family members may experience, coping with how substance use influences the family over time, adapting to loss, and prioritizing self-care and support for the parents or caregivers.

From Lockdown to Reopening: Helping Children and Families Navigate the Next Phase
Free Webinar and Interdisciplinary Discussion Opportunity!
Date: July 20, 2020 – 3 pm to 4:30 pm EST
Join an interdisciplinary team of experts in family medicine, emotionally focused therapy, and family resilience (William Saltzman, Phd; Lisa Blum, PsyD; and Molly Scharf, MD) for a unique opportunity for cross-cutting conversation brought to you by the REACH Institute. By bringing together parents, teachers, therapists, and primary care practitioners, we hope to gain a better understanding of everyone’s needs so that those responsible for children’s mental wellbeing can move forward productively together.

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