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The Neurobiology of Compassionate Leadership

Year: 2021

The success or failure of a leader is deeply rooted in human nature, as the capacity to unite the human spirit in favor of transformation and consciousness evolution is a collective endeavor. To co-create a different future, people need to feel cared for and psychologically safe. Compassion, the capacity to acknowledge another person’s suffering and have the desire to alleviate it, connects human beings at a deep and primal level. Recent discoveries in modern neuroscience and mind-body research indicate we are wired for compassion and without it engaging groups of people in a change process may not be possible, as the physiology of the human nervous system is not conduce to effective leadership when compassion is missing from human interactions. This discussion shares some of the challenges leaders face in the 21st century workplace, along with insights from contemporary neuroscience and mind-body science that support compassion as a potential solution to navigating these issues and upgrading the current leadership paradigm. A recommendation to incorporate loving kindness meditation (LKM) into leadership development programs is discussed.