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Selecting and Implementing Evidence-Based Practice

Year: 2019

“Bertram and Kerns present a compelling imperative for evidence-based practice. Selecting and Implementing Evidence-Based Practice: A Practical Program Guide is timely, cogent, masterful and forceful. […] Advancing the evidentiary movement among practitioners, managers, and academics, these authors have made an indelible contribution to our behavioral health and social service communities and to those we serve.” -Katharine Briar-Lawson, PhD, LMSW, Professor and Dean Emeritus, University at Albany School of Social Welfare and National Child Welfare Workforce Institute

To improve client outcomes and practitioner competence, the book clarifies practices to address common problems such as anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, and child behavioral concerns. The authors also provide examples and suggest how to integrate the implementation of evidence-based practice into academic programs through collaboration with behavioral health or social service programs.