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New Report Details Large Barriers to Mental Health Care Due to 2011 Realignment Funding Method

Year: 2022

Young Minds Advocacy (YMA) released a report today titled, “Disproportionate Funding Denies Specialty Mental Health Care to Hundreds of Thousands of California Youth.”  YMA examined administrative data from Fiscal Year 2012-13 to 2019-20 and developed county-by county performance details for 29 counties that cover 95% of Medi-Cal eligible youth.  The data show that California’s discretionary funding allocations dating back to at least 2011 Realignment have constrained mental health service performance in counties that received proportionately less state funding. Hundreds of thousands of youths have not received services simply because they resided in “underwater” counties with more Medi-Cal eligible youths than mental  health funding provided under the 2011 Realignment.

Lessons aplenty for advocates in other states!