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Addressing Barriers to Learning

Year: 2020

Students, their families, and school staff have experienced a difficult set of transitions during the Coronavirus crisis. Upon returning to school, these core stakeholders will once again be confronted with the many transitions that occur every day at school and throughout the year. One major transitional concern has always been initial entry or reentry into a school. In that context, most schools take steps to ease the start of a school year. These include (a) introductory and welcoming strategies (e.g., welcoming receptions, orientations, and related resources), (b) provision of some social, emotional, and academic supports, and (c) accommodations for special populations.

While usual transition concerns will be present when schools re-open, it is anticipated that the unique circumstances surrounding this return to school will be particularly difficult for some. Everyone, (students, families, staff) will have experienced considerable stress, some will have been ill, some will be grieving for a relative or friend who died. And transition-back stressors are likely to exacerbate other factors that interfere with school adjustment and thus with learning and teaching