Jona Bacolod

Personal Assistant to the CEO / Social Media Manager

I grew up in one of the most beautiful locations in the Philippines, Davao City. My childhood was one for the books. Living in the countryside as a child has let me experience many things that served as a vital role in molding me into the person I am today. There were no gadgets and the internet back then, so the world became my playground. I have experienced pure bliss out of the simplicity of life, such as running free in the grass fields, swimming, fishing in the river, climbing trees to pick fruits for snacks, getting soaked under the rain, and playing native Filipino games. I have also met beautiful people during my childhood, who became my friends and extended family.

Another significant milestone in my life was going to College. I have always wanted to be in the medical profession, so I took a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and became a licensed nurse. A few years later, I lost my mother because of cancer. It was the most tragic event of my life, but I have learned to accept the reality that death is inevitable, and everything on Earth is just temporary. I focused on growth and development as a means to cope up with the situation. My professional background became multifaceted. It was not solely limited to my Nursing profession. As I continuously explore the world and discover myself, it opened doors in different realms such as sales and marketing, and customer service. I am now putting those skills to use in my role as Personal Assistant to the CEO and Social Media Manager for the Children’s Mental Health Network. I aspire to continue growing this career, putting my skills into practice while at the same time passionately helping motivated individuals succeed in their undertakings.