Your Voice Needed for the Childhood Experiences Study for Adults

November 27, 2016

Morning Zen Guest Blog Post ~ Dr. George Patrin ~

Researchers at Teachers College, Columbia University are seeking adults from diverse backgrounds, to participate in a study aimed at understanding both whether and when people experienced difficult or adverse events in the first 18 years of their life, as well as their mental health in adulthood.

It is important that we ask these questions…and then truly LISTEN to the responses. What won’t be learned with this study is what factors helped an individual live with and then overcome negative thinking with dysfunctional behaviors to achieve (or not achieve) the level of success they have today. As a ‘retired’ pediatrician working child abuse and advocacy for 30 years, and now in my ‘third career’ (called “retirement”) I believe the key is the presence of a ‘team’ of caring individuals, who all too often don’t know each other, who take an interest in the child and put in energy, not because they have to, but because they can, and want to, to help that child achieve stability and personal happiness. It’s called “Serendipity,” part of the fabric of “The Universal Spirit.” What we need to do, together, is stop letting it happen by ‘chance,’ and make it happen due to proactive vigilance as a society, certainly a hopeful outcome in conducting this survey. “History repeats itself, opportunity doesn’t.” On behalf of myself, a child and adult survivor, and others, thanks for asking.

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george patrinCOL (Ret) George Patrin, M.D., spent over 23 years as an Army Pediatrician and Healthcare Administrator concentrating on Family Advocacy and Healthcare Process Improvement. His final assignment was as Northern Regional Command Special Projects Officer for Patient-Family Centered Healthcare assisting in writing DoD Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Guidelines and Training. He has been a staunch advocate for both soldier and family member readiness throughout is military career. He is a sought after speaker on parenting education, child abuse prevention, school learning and behavior problems, and healthcare administration optimization. Dr. Patrin is a member of the Children’s Mental Health Network Advisory Council. He can be contacted at

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