You killed my brother

August 17, 2013

mooatrallyIf you can say something to this heartbroken child who found out that she will not ever see her brother again…what would you say? It was hard to tell my daughter her brother passed away…and even though I wanted to protect her broken heart I told her the truth. I thought she understood what i was telling her. She looked at me blankly in my eyes and said “ok” and skipped away. She was 7 years old at the time. The next day when i was dropping her off at school, I asked her if she realized that Corey died and she would not see him on this earth again. At the school doors my daughter fainted and was so distraught. Through her tears and weakness as i held her up, she said, “I thought ‘passed away’ meant he was sick and in the hospital?” At that time my legs went weak and by the time we made it inside the school teachers and other parents were holding both of us.

I tell you now if it was not for the love and support me and my family receive I would be in a crazy, vengeful state of mind right now. I pray we can work together and make banning restraint and seclusion history!

~ Shelia Foster ~

If this story sickens you the way it sickens me you can do something about it:

Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO
Children’s Mental Health Network 

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