Who’s in Charge Here? Governance in Systems of Care

August 03, 2012

Community Solutions is putting on another one of their wildly successful webinars. This next one features Sharon Hodges, PhD and Kathleen Ferreira, PhD, who will be presenting findings based on analysis of data from the CMHI national evaluation. This webinar will describe two types of structures typical of system of care governance and the attributes and challenges of each. In addition, lessons in collaborative governance that are relevant regardless of the structure will be discussed.

All webinars currently being offered are free of charge and open to everyone who would like to participate.

Community Solutions at the University of South Florida is a new national resource for system planning and community capacity building, formed by research faculty and staff from the USF Department of Child & Family Studies. Our goal is to provide services and training that will equip individuals, communities and states with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively provide behavioral health services and supports to all children, youth and their families. View Department Newsletter.

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