Who loses if states opt out of Medicaid expansion?

July 10, 2012

So what really would happen if states opt out of Medicaid expansion? Who loses? Sarah Kliff of the Washington Post has produced a telling graphic that plainly shows that the “losers” would be the poorest of the American population. If governors opt their states out of the health law’s Medicaid expansion — as many are now threatening to do— it’s the poorest Americans who would find themselves getting the rawest deal.

This set of charts helps explain why: Parents who earn less than 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Line (about $11,170 for an individual) are ineligible for tax credits to purchase health insurance. In a state like Arkansas, for example, that could be a big deal:
(click on graphic to enlarge)

Bottom line? If you think Medicaid is the ultimate universal safety net for families who have children with serious emotional challenges, think again.

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