Use the Families USA resources to help people get health coverage by March 31

March 20, 2014

Network faithful should note that we are days away from the end of the first open enrollment period for marketplace coverage under the Affordable Care Act. March 31 will be here before we know it. With time left and the numbers of enrolled surging past 5 million we should not stop now. Let’s promote the heck out of this and stay focused on the target of 6 million by March 31.

Families USA is out with another great resource to help motivate you and provide great visual evidence about the value (especially to young people) for becoming enrolled.

To show just how many people the Affordable Care Act can help, Families USA recently released a state-specific infographic series that features data on how many people will be able to receive financial assistance for health insurance, how many young adults are eligible to receive financial assistance for health insurance, and how many people with pre-existing conditions will benefit from the Affordable Care Act in each state. These infographics also include state-specific information about how to enroll online or by phone.

As of March 17, more than 5 million Americans have enrolled in coverage through their health insurance marketplace, up from 4.2 million in February. Over 80 percent of enrollees qualified for financial assistance to help pay the costs of their premiums. And in February, 27 percent of the enrollees in the federal marketplace were young adults.

But there are still millions of Americans who are eligible for new coverage options who may not know how to sign up or that these new options are even available to them. Please share your state’s infographics with your own networks to urge people to take advantage of these last weeks to enroll. For more resources on outreach and enrollment, please visit the Families USA Enrollment Assister Resource Center.

Do your part Network faithful!

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