Upcoming conference focuses on successful Native equine programs

October 23, 2013

This conference features Native presenters with successful Native Equine Programs, developed, utilized, and sustained on tribal home lands. Longtime friend of the Children’s Mental Health Network Manaja Unjinca Hill is organizing this conference and brings with him years of experience utilizing the therapeutic power that horses bring to a relationship with youth.

Ta Sunka O’Mani “Walks with His Horse” Youth Empowerment Process began as a documented journey of the development of the Spirit Riders Youth Horseback Club from its creation to the proven successes of participating youth in academics, positive behaviors, attendance, and graduation rates. Although the Spirit Riders use the horse as the conduit to success, this model is flexible and adaptable to fit many separate tribal (traditional/cultural) components.

Ta Sunka O’Mani utilizes attendance and participation in traditional ceremony, cultural activities and events, and teachings of the Lakota and horse cultures to assist youth in the development and ownership of their individual identity and character. The Wraparound Process is utilized to merge the Lakota Language and Culture Component of Ta Sunka O’Mani with the CRIS Process thus providing the process with a foundation of cultural teachings, ceremony, and values.

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