Training Institutes

July 24, 2012

Training InstitutesWe’re here in Orlando with the National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health at the 2012 Training Institutes. The theme for this year’s conference is, Improving Children’s Mental Health in an Era of Change, Challenge, and Innovation: The Role of the System of Care Approach

 The system of care approach has been at the forefront of providing effective strategies and solutions to improve services and outcomes. The system of care approach emphasizes home and community-based care, comprehensive and individualized services and supports, family-driven and youth-guided care, cultural and linguistic competence, services provided within the least restrictive environment, and coordination across child-serving systems.

The 2012 Training Institutes will focus on innovative approaches, and how lessons learned from systems of care can guide efforts to improve children’s mental health service delivery in a dramatically changing environment.

We’ll be on the front lines at this year’s conference as a Co-Sponsor. Our very own Brittany Smith, Director of Community Management, will be facilitating all social media at the conference in partnership with the National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health. So grab your swimsuit and some sunscreen and we’ll see you in Orlando!

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