Toddlers know what they want

September 29, 2015

Project ABC’s “Toddlers Know What They Want” from CIIVideos on Vimeo.

Please join us in the conversation about Project ABC’s new PSA on early childhood. Watch and share with us and others, using hashtag #RelationshipsMatter!

Project ABC’s #RelationshipsMatter Movement is an ongoing series of Public Service Announcements, resources and partnerships to support community engagement and conversations about Early Childhood Mental Health.
Today the SAMHSA-funded group has launched its PSA, “Toddlers Know What They Want” (produced in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Picture Alternatives) for families with children 12-24 months. One of the key messages for parents and caregivers of young children is:

Relationships matter, even before they have words.

Use the links below to view the PSA, post on social media, and share with colleagues, community members, clients, friends and family!

“Toddlers Know What They Want” PSA is available in English, Spanish and Khmer.

  • English:
  • Spanish:
  • Khmer:

Please join us for this important dialogue!

If you have questions or would like more information about the #RelationshipsMatter PSA series, please contact:

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