Time to make a business case for the Child Mental Health Initiative

June 22, 2012

Okay Network faithful, dig out the old powerpoints, position papers, and policy briefs you have used over the years to help state and local leaders understand the value of a systems of care approach. We are collecting anything and everything that will help make a strong business case. In order to do that we need your hard evidence of how you successfully saved money in the long run, improved outcomes and generally made a difference for families and the communities in which they live. Examples of the successful use of wraparound, co-location of services and the innovative approach to involving family and youth as key decision-makers in the design and delivery of services and supports are just a few of many examples that you all have used in your work. Time to share, folks. We, in turn, will categorize the information and publicize it on the website for all to be able to use to make the case for what we intuitively know – A system of care approach works. If you have anything that you have used to make a business case for a system of care approach, send it in here.

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