THRIVE offering trauma-informed webinar trainings

August 05, 2012

The Network is a huge fan of the Thrive Initiative, who consistently does stellar work in the area of trauma-informed care. Check out their webinar series and take advantage of what they have been offering to colleagues in Maine – why should the Mainers get all the good stuff, right?

THRIVE provides trainings, technical assistance and consultation to youth and family-serving organizations and communities to strengthen the trauma-informed aspects of their practice.

THRIVE webinars embody System of Care principles and are well-suited for agency orientations, group or individual viewing. Registration for each webinar is required, and will give access to the Guide to Trauma-Informed Organizational Development and other resources.

  • Creating Trauma-Informed, Family-Driven Systems of Care: a 40-min overview of T-I theory and family-driven principles; explains effective family participation.
  • Creating Trauma-Informed, Youth-Guided Systems of Care: a 45-min overview of T-I theory and youth-guided principles; explains effective youth participation and provides strategies to increase meaningful youth engagement within a T-I system.
  • Next Steps to a Trauma-Informed System of Care: a 90-min overview of T-I theory and system of care principles; explains T-I Agency Assessment©; clarifies expectations for Continuous Quality Improvement; includes Guide to T-I Organizational Development.

Participants’ comments:

  • I’m glad to see Maine working hard to address trauma issues so that we can provide stellar treatment!
  • I thought Next Steps was very well thought out, researched and well presented.
  • The training gave me a lot of information I wasn’t aware of.

For more information, please contact:
or call 207.782.5783 x1602

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