The fiscal showdown and children: What’s at stake?

November 08, 2012

The Coalition on Human Needs and Voices for America’s Children are co-sponsoring a webinar on November 14th you won’t want to miss.

  • The election is over, and now the Administration and Congress will start coming to grips with impending service cuts, Pentagon cuts, and tax increases.  The old Congress will be back starting next week.  The Obama Administration is expected to propose a plan.  If Congress does not act by the end of December, millions of long-term jobless people will lose unemployment benefits.  If Congress fails to act for months to come, services children need will be cut deeply – from education to WIC to Head Start to child care to the EITC and the Child Tax Credit.  If Congress tries to spare pending Pentagon cuts, will it cut children’s priorities more?  Will it move towards cuts in Medicaid and SNAP/food stamps? Will another fight about the debt ceiling threaten vital services for children and families even more?  Who will be protected – upper-income households or families struggling to make ends meet?

    All of this matters a lot.  If you care about children and families – their future and all of ours together – you need to know what to expect and what you can do.  

  • The Fiscal Showdown and Children:  What’s at Stake?

    A Webinar:  Wednesday, November 14, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. EST


  • Ellen Nissenbaum, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

    Deborah Weinstein
    , Executive Director, Coalition on Human Needs

    Alan Houseman
    , Executive Director, Center for Law and Social Policy and Chair, Children’s Leadership Council

    Joe Theissen
    , Senior Vice President, Programs, Voices for America’s Children, Moderator

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