TeamSTEPPS® training module for primary care practices now available

January 12, 2013

Network faithful are advised to learn everything they can about what’s happening in primary care practices to improve communication between physician, patient and others involved in patient care.

  • A new TeamSTEPPS® training module for primary care practices is now available in draft form.  Primary care practices can use this training curriculum to improve patient safety by teaching health care providers and staff how to communicate better, work more effectively, and make a greater commitment to teamwork.  TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based learning approach jointly developed by AHRQ and the Department of Defense.  The new module applies the four TeamSTEPPS core competencies—team leadership, situation monitoring, mutual support, and communication—to the primary care setting.  It also includes case studies and videos relevant to primary care to illustrate these evidence-based concepts.  
  • Select for more information on the new Primary Care TeamSTEPPS module. 
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