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Shock and Awe: They Want to Silence You

February 07, 2017

~ Betsy DeVos confirmed. We must not remain silent! ~ 

Here’s the truth: DeVos is the single most serious threat to special need children that we have faced in over 3 decades.

If we don’t act now, the outcome will be felt for millions of families across the country. Now is not the time for us to give up and be silent. They don’t want you to fight back. They expect your compliance.  

Help us protect families and children. Just two days ago, the most recent Children’s Mental Health Network post outperformed both CNN and ABC News by reaching the front page of Reddit, breaking all CMHN records of viewership for any article since its inception.

Our voice is growing. You can help support a voice that refuses to be silenced by secret gag orders, federal government or special interest groups. 

Click here to make a $27 contribution to protect children with mental health needs.

Please make your contribution now, so we can be ready to respond to what comes next. Help us continue to be the only independent voice for families and children with mental health needs. 

In solidarity,

martinMartin Rafferty
Advisory Board Member
Children’s Mental Health Network

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