Sequestration – yep, we’re reminding you again and again…

August 16, 2012

It wouldn’t be Friday if we didn’t remind faithful readers about the three-headed monster known as sequestration. Since the the markup on the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and related agencies bill has been postponed indefinitely, attention is shifting to the threat of sequestration, a budgetary tool through which core federal programs and services face indiscriminate, across-the-board cuts of 8.4 percent. These cuts will not only devastate medical and scientific research, public health and social services, but they will also negatively impact education and job training, infrastructure, public safety and law enforcement, and international relations.

For those who would like to urge Washington to take bipartisan action toward fighting sequestration—and the loss of as many as two million jobs and the elimination of many critical services—be sure to access the Sequestration Tool Kit.

The toolkit includes: 

  • A short video presentation to help grassroots understand the current debate, and the consequences of inaction; 
  • Tips on participating in “town halls,” writing editorials for local papers, and engaging lawmakers through social media; and
  • Frequently asked questions about “sequestration.” 

To determine how sequestration might affect your state, Senator Harkin recently released a report, “Under Threat: Sequestration’s Impact on Nondefense Jobs and Services” (pdf) which provides data by state on the impact of sequestration. The report was prepared by the Senate Labor-HHS-Education Subcommittee and was based on the data provided by departments under its jurisdiction. 

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