Sequestration “double-talk”

April 27, 2013

Thanks to Emily Holubowich for alerting us to a great Op Ed article in the Charlotte Observer by Rep. David Price on sequestration “double-talk.”

  • Double-talk is never in short supply in Washington. But as the axe of “sequestration” – the across-the-board spending cuts triggered by Congress’ failure to pass a long-term budget plan – begins to fall, self-contradiction and hypocrisy have reached heights unusual even for the Capitol.

    Indeed, many of the same Congress members who welcomed sequestration as a way to force the president to cut spending are now protesting loudly when their pet programs feel the pain. Members who voted for the package that Speaker John Boehner said included “90 percent” of what Republicans wanted now claim that sequestration does not need to hurt very much and accuse the president of imposing cuts for political effect.

  • Read the rest of the article here.
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