SAMHSA seeking comment on strategic plan for 2015-2018

July 29, 2014

Okay Network faithful, we’ve got your reading assignment for the weekend. SAMHSA is seeking public comment on its Strategic Plan for 2015-2018. It is most important that advocates take the time to read the strategic plan and share your thoughts. We will be providing commentary but you need to do so as well!

Here is the description from the SAMHSA announcement:

  • This strategic plan outlines work to increase the awareness and improve understanding about mental and substance use disorders, promote emotional health and wellness, and the prevention of substance abuse and mental illness, increase access to effective treatment, and support recovery. An important component of the plan is the prioritization of six Strategic Initiatives and the linkages between these initiatives and SAMHSA’s policy, programmatic, and financial planning. At its core, this plan offers a framework for planning around common categories of initiatives that enable cross-collaboration and organization of SAMHSA’s work.
  • The public comment period is open until April 18th.
  • Download Leading Change 2.0
  • After reading the document, be sure to provide your comments here.
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