SAMHSA Releases Video on Ending Chronic Homelessness

April 24, 2009

The DVD video series, Transformation Through Partnerships: Systems Change To End Chronic Homelessness presents the real-world stories of two cities as they implement strategic planning to coordinate services and collaborate with other organizations.

The films chronicle two community organization’s efforts to end chronic homelessness. It follows the organizations as they craft internal and external partnerships to leverage resources to effectively meet the multiple needs of persons who are homeless and have mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders. Included in the DVD package are guides for using the videos as planning tools in the community.

The DVD contains three videos:

      Overview, which provides a summary of the key concepts for strategic partnering as they are illustrated in the videos.  
      Ending Chronic Homelessness: DESC’s Strategic Partnerships, featuring the Downtown Emergency Services Center in Seattle, Washington.  
      Transformation, Recovery and Revitalization: Project Home’s Community Partnerships, featuring Project HOME in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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