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Progressive White Males Need to Speak Out About Racial Injustice

June 12, 2020

With a bit of gentle nudging from readers, I weigh in with my thoughts on the responsibility of progressive white males to speak out about racial injustice. I consider myself a progressive white male. And I am clear that I don’t do near enough to call out racial injustice when I see it. This podcast episode is candid and personal. Somehow the spoken word form seemed more appropriate than the written form to convey my thoughts. In this episode, I talk about three reasons that may keep progressive white males from speaking out (articulation, misinterpretation, backlash) and one (cuz there only needs to be one) reason why progressive white males absolutely must speak out. As much as I love progressive white guys, we are the weakest link in making change. Huh? Yep, we are. I hope you will listen to my voice, as vulnerable as it is, and then comment, or more important, think of what you can do to move the dialogue forward.

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Scott Bryant-Comstock

Hello, I’m Scott Bryant-Comstock, CEO and founder of the Children’s Mental Health Network. For the past 40 years, my journey as a mental health advocate has traveled from volunteering at a suicide and crisis center, professional roles as a therapist in an outpatient clinic, in-home family therapist, state mental health official, Board Chair for a county mental health program, and national reviewer of children’s mental health systems reform efforts. As the founder of the Children’s Mental Health Network (2009), I lead the Network’s efforts to grow a national online forum to exchange ideas on how to improve children’s mental health research, policy, and practice.

In 2019, I had a full-blown Kundalini awakening. That experience has clarified many of the questions about purpose, focus, and mission that I have had my entire life. And heck, I want to share those learnings with you!

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