Prescribing antipsychotics to Medicaid kids – Report shows significant quality-of-care concerns

March 28, 2015

A disturbing report was just released by the Office of Inspector General, raising serious quality of care concerns about prescribing anti-psychotics to Medicaid-enrolled children. The report revealed that children on Medicaid in five states were being prescribed antipsychotic drugs for too long at too young an age. The report, which reviewed Medicaid claims for a sampling of hundreds of children from New York, California, Florida, Illinois and Texas from 2011, identified “quality of care concerns” in 67 percent of the claims for antipsychotic drugs prescribed to children.

Roughly 17 percent of the claims were for children too young to take the drugs and in 41 percent of claims, the drugs prescribed were the wrong treatment, the report found. Reviewers also found that in 53 percent of the claims, children’s use of the drugs was poorly monitored, 34 percent of the children were taking the drugs for too long, and 37 percent of the claims showed children were mixing too many different kinds of drugs.

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