PCORI Announces $15.5 Million for Engagement Awards Program

March 01, 2014

Contact: Christine Stencel, Associate Director, Media Relations (202-570-9275) or, Erica Fischer, Golin Harris (202-585-2608)

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) recently launched the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards program, a $15.5 million initiative to forge opportunities for patients and other stakeholder communities to become more involved in patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR).

“The inclusion of patient and stakeholder perspectives in health research is critical to producing information that is relevant, useful and trustworthy,” said PCORI Deputy Executive Director and Chief Officer for Engagement Anne C. Beal, MD, MPH. “The PCORI Engagement Awards program will enhance our primary research efforts by building a diverse community ready to participate in research and eager to help communicate its results.”

PCORI will support engagement projects in three categories:

  • Knowledge Awards – Build knowledge around how consumers of healthcare information receive and make use of PCOR findings.
  • Training and Development Awards – Promote the training and development of the “non-usual suspects” and others from the patient and stakeholder community to increase capacity for engaging in PCOR.
  • Dissemination Awards – Strengthen the groundwork for disseminating and implementing the findings of PCORI funded research into practice.

Proposals will be evaluated and awarded on a rolling basis. Each award provides up to $250,000, with a project period of no more than two years. Together, the awards will help establish a diverse community of passionate individuals with opportunities to participate in PCOR. 

Information and deadlines for all upcoming PCORI funding announcements are available in the Funding Opportunities section of PCORI’s website,

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