Newest Iris the Dragon Book to Help Children Navigate Conversations Around Mental Health and COVID-19

October 14, 2020

Iris the Dragon is back. This time with a special edition e-book aimed at helping children and their support networks explore the impact of the pandemic on children’s mental health.

The Perth-based charity has published Project: Kids, Let’s Be Superheroes ― the newest addition to the Iris the Dragon storybook collection. In her most recent adventure, Iris and friends are off on a special mission to reduce the mental health impact of Covid-19 on children.

Through the power of storytelling, the online e-book investigates the social emotional impact that Covid-19 has on the lives of children and offers adults insight into why they might be seeing changes in a child’s behavior. By addressing topics such as stress, anxiety, loss and grief, Project: Kids, Let’s Be Superheroes displays the connection between feelings related to unexpected change and what children might be experiencing during a pandemic.

Project: Kids, Let’s Be Superheroes comes equipped with conversation starters, featured at the end of every chapter, to promote healthy discussion of feelings between both parties. Ample resources are also available for parents, caregivers and other adult supporters to help them support children. Through these resources, children are not only able to voice their feelings but discover how they can shift those feelings to be more comfortable ones in this new normal.

Project: Kids, Let’s Be Superheroes is available for download at the Iris the Dragon bookstore:

About Iris the Dragon
Iris the Dragon is a registered charity and producer of unique resources for schools and workplaces that educate audiences about the importance of good mental health and mental health concerns. With over a decade of experience, its mission has been to provide educational material for adults and young readers that can facilitate conversations about various mental health conditions, mental wellness and inclusion in a non-threatening manner. The organization is based in Perth, Ontario, Canada and its print and digital publications are used worldwide.

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