New “Zooming In” interactive tool provides detailed estimates of potential changes in Medicaid enrollment and the uninsured at the local level under the Affordable Care Act

July 31, 2013


A new online tool released today by the Kaiser Family Foundation provides detailed projections of the impact of the Affordable Care Act on Medicaid enrollment and the uninsured in local communities across the nation. The tool is one of several interactive offerings on the Foundation’s recently redesigned website that can help people understand the key elements of the health reform law, its implications and its implementation.

Zooming In On Health Reform: Understanding the Potential Impact of the ACA on Medicaid and the Uninsured at the Local Level, the new interactive infographic, and a companion brief, State and Local Coverage Changes under Full Implementation of the Affordable Care Act, reveal substantial geographic variations in the law’s impact. The tool’s interactive maps allow users to identify communities that could experience the largest declines in the uninsured and where the remaining uninsured populations are likely to be concentrated, as well as to identify key local areas for enrollment outreach. Users can enter zip codes or place names to compare different states, counties, and localities, and to examine the characteristics of the changing Medicaid and uninsured populations by race, age, gender and language spoken at home, and to assess the impact of going forward with the optional Medicaid expansion for a state. The tool’s estimates reflect the projected impact if all states were to undertake the expansion.

Other ACA-related interactive tools from the Foundation include the Health Reform Subsidy Calculator, which allows users to enter their income, age, and family size to get an estimate of their eligibility for subsidies and how much they could pay for health insurance in the new ACA marketplaces; our Health Reform Implementation Timeline, a customizable tool that explains how and when the provisions of the ACA are taking effect; and our Kaiser Health Tracking Poll interactive graphic, which allows users to explore the public’s views of the ACA through more than three years of polling data, including results broken out by age, race and political party identification. Additionally, a wide array of state-level data related to health reform is available through the State Health Facts section of the Foundation’s website. And a new animated video, The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare, helps people understand the changes taking place under the ACA once major parts of the law go into effect in 2014. 

For more information about the “Zooming In” tool and other Kaiser resources related to health reform, visit the health reform topic page

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