New website shining example of peer-to-peer support in action!

January 16, 2015

I don’t usually gush about a resource, but dang; I am seriously gushing about the folks at This great web-based resource was produced by and for young adults in recovery from mental health and substance use issues. How sweet is that? Take some time to peruse the website. The website has great content, engaging visual appeal, and is full of well-crafted first person stories. Now this is indeed a worthy read and a brilliant example of the power of peer to peer support among young adults in recovery. Shout it from the rooftops, Network faithful!

Here is how they describe what they do and the journey they took to get there:

    • We help you learn about treatment models, local community supports, and state and national resources.
    • We connect you with other teens and young adults who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, self-harm, thoughts of suicide, addiction, mood swings, eating disorders, substance abuse, or any form of emotional distress or mental illness.
    • We need your input to make this resource meet your needs. Please join our “Let’s Talk” forum and tell us what you think!
Okay Network faithful, they are looking for feedback, so go on over to their website and let them know what you think!
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