New app helps assess threat of relationship violence

October 31, 2012

Download the free and anonymous One Love DA Mobile App

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One Love Lite - One Love

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The One Love DA can be taken online HERE

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The One Love Foundation was established in 2010 by Sharon and Lexie Love, as well as additional family and friends to honor the memory of Yeardley Reynolds Love. The One Love Foundation’s driving goal is to educate, encourage and develop in children and young adults four qualities that Yeardley exemplified; service, kindness, humility and sportsmanship. The hope is to keep Yeardley’s spirit alive in others by promoting strength of character and service throughout all of the Foundation’s programs. One Love supports and/or partners with other organizations to further its mission, specifically those that encourage and promote the healthy development and good character of young adults, as well as those working to combat Relationship Violence.

The One Love Foundation is working to become a leading voice against Relationship Violence (RV) in the United States. In doing so, the Foundation is partnering with respected leaders and organizations to provide information for individuals associated with RV.

The Foundation is taking a proactive approach in partnership with Johns Hopkins University to:

  • Change the social perception of what an abusive relationship looks like
  • Be a leading national Relationship Violence resource for young women, men, friends, family and coaches
  • Educate the public about Relationship Violence negative impact, scope and signs
  • Create a call-to-action that everyone is responsible in combating Relationship Violence
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