NeuroLeader Master Class begins October 6th

September 27, 2014

Heads up Network faithful, there is still time to join Scott Bryant-Comstock of the Children’s Mental Health Network on an eight-week leadership journey with the wonderfully talented crew at Zero Point Leadership. The eight-week online leadership, coaching and development program begins October 6th. Scott will be there. Will you? Read the description below and get involved! Take Note –  ZeroPoint Leadership is offering a 50% discount on the cost of enrollment to change leaders who work in a child and family serving organization. Yowzers! 


The neuroLeader MasterClass™ is an intensive, 8-week leadership coaching and development program that helps leaders understand how to use knowledge of the human brain and intelligent energy management to dramatically improve individual and team performance, increase engagement and collaboration, inspire innovation, enhance talent development, reduce stress and accelerate positive change.  This cutting-edge science-based leadership development learning journey integrates research from modern neuroscience with leadership development capacities, cognitive fitness training, biofeedback and resilience building emotion regulation techniques – resulting in a dramatic increase in the capacity to mobilize others to move change forward.

In this course leaders learn how our brains work at their best. It provides practical insights into many important aspects of work, such as how to keep cool under pressure, why change is painful, and what helps us to learn. This program helps leaders work with vs. against the physiology of the human brain to improve communication, innovation, and collaboration within their organization. Leaders walk the path of learning what it takes to become a NeuroLeader, someone who uses an understanding of the human brain to make decisions and solve problems, collaborate with and influence others, regulate emotions, and facilitate change.  Leaders who take this course develop the knowledge, skills and habits that enable them to move beyond status quo and take their leadership to the next level.

Outline of the program:

    • Week One- Kick-Off
    • Week Two – Orientation to NeuroLeadership
    • Week Three- Understanding the Deeply Social Brain
    • Week Four- Emotion Regulation
    • Week Five-The Neuroscience of Decision Making and Problem Solving
    • Week Six- The Neuroscience of Collaboration and Collective Decision Making
    • Week Seven- The Neuroscience of Behavior Change
    • Week Eight – Graduation
  • Learn more about the MasterClass here.
  • Download the brochure.
  • And then sign up already!
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