National Council pushes for action with Congress

June 06, 2012

Special thanks to the National Council for initiating action around supporting the preservation of funding for SAMHSA at its 2012 level in the upcoming 2013 budget. Read their key messages below and then go to their Policy Action Center to share your voice. They have assembled a lot of great information for you to use.

From the National Council Action Alert:
As Congress puts together the 2013 budget, the National Council urges legislators to:

  • Restore full SAMHSA funding for the Primary Care-Behavioral Health Integration Grants and Technical Assistance Center funded through SAMHSA. The President’s budget proposed eliminating the SAMHSA portion of PBHCI funding and allocating $26 million from the Prevention and Public Health Fund – which itself is under attack by fiscal conservatives in the House.
  • Maintain 2012 levels of funding for the Mental Health Block Grant and Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grants. The 2012 budget included a $40 million increase for the MHBG and a $20 million increase for the SAPTBG – the first increases in years. Cutting funding from these block grants would threaten the many important mental health and addictions treatment programs they support.
  • Preserve overall funding for SAMHSA at its 2012 levels. Health and human services programs have been a frequent target of cost-cutting and deficit reduction attempts in Congress. Yet, with the lingering effects of the recession forcing states to continue cutting services – and the cuts that have already been dealt to SAMHSA in previous years – further reductions could decimate our nation’s mental health and addictions safety net.

Be sure to visit the National Council for Community Behavioral Health Care Policy Action Center to share your voice.

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