Musical explores mental illness from inside the psych ward

July 21, 2015

Hey Network faithful, show some love for Rachel Griffin and her amazing musical, “We Have Apples“, that explores mental illness through “Jane”, during her time on a psych ward.

  • Jane’s journey begins behind the psych ward doors researching her fellow patients and developing an unexpected connection with her psychiatrist, Dr. Williams. Using bits and pieces of wisdom from her interviews with four patients and her therapy sessions, Jane attempts to formulate a “map” to navigate the vast emotional landscape within her. Continually getting Jane off course is her depression, which is personified by female actor. “Depression” relentlessly attacks and mocks Jane to the point of utter exhaustion.

    Jane’s view of the patients as valuable and gifted teachers transforms them as well. As Jane and her crew question the behavior of certain staff members and notice weaknesses in the program, the line between the sane and the insane in the ward starts to become extremely blurry.

    During a break from the often cheesy and sometimes strange group activity sessions, Jane meets Dr. Williams’ son outside the hospital who is waiting for a ride from his father. Immediately taken with Jane and flustered by her confidence and beauty, Orion pretends to be an outpatient suffering from symptoms that sound strikingly similar to a Prozac commercial.

    Jane and Orion’s relationship becomes serious fast, but their deep bond is put to the test when the truth about Orion comes to light and tragedy strikes their community.

Watch the video and enjoy!

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