Michigan dad embraces autistic son through children’s book

July 15, 2012

boo monsterThe Network was touched by the efforts of a father in Flint, Michigan named Shawn Colton, who is currently working on a book called, “The Legends of The Boo-Monster”. It is a fictional story based on the real-life family adventures of him and his son, David, who lives with low-functioning autism. David is his father’s whole world, so his dad has created a whole world all for his son, in this fantasy tale about a little monster with a condition known as ‘The Distance.’ You can read a bit of chapter one here.

Shawn has initiated a kickstarter campaign to help fund the writing of the book and while we do not specifically endorse non-Network fundraising efforts, we are a sucker for good people doing really good things. In this case, a dad putting his talents to work to help his son’s fantasy world became a reality for his family, friends, and all who are, have been, or will be affected by Autism in their lives.

  • Visit the Legends of the Boo Monster website here.
  • Go to the kickstarter page here.
  • Check out the interview with Shawn Colton conducted by Shannon Penrod of Autism-Live:

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