Mario Hernandez: Exemplary Leadership in Systems of Care

August 17, 2022

New Podcast Episode Now Available!

As a young college student, Mario was given a lead on a job at a research and training center for children’s mental health. It wasn’t remotely what he was interested in, but his wife said, “take the job; we need the money!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

Mario Hernandez, former Chair of the Child and Family Studies Department, University of South Florida, and Systems of Care legend, is my guest on this episode of The Optimistic Advocate podcast.

We talk about the early days of systems of care, how he built one of the most successful University behavioral health departments in the United States, leadership, and collaboration – all while never losing sight of system of care core values and principles. It’s a deliciously lengthy interview, so grab a coffee, cancel any work appointments for the next hour, and join us on the couch!

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