Lisha Clip – Woman

February 01, 2017

Description from YouTube
Lisha is a Khmer Cambodian Hip Hop artist featured on the Clapyahandz compilation. Lisha grew up in Cambodia and has never left the country and is one of the most successful young female artists on Cambodia’s vibrant HIp Hop scene. Lisha see the link between freestyle vocalising on ancinet forms of Khmer music such as Chapie and Ay Ay, her lyrics are powerful and the track here is themed on women’s empowerment in modern societ. Today Lisha works with Sok ‘ Cream” Visal who himself returned to Cambodia from France some 16 years ago and now is producing much of the new talent and giving voice to up and coming vocalists on the Cambodian HIp Hop scene. Cream is also a founder of the ClapYaHandz collective.

This video was filmed one rainy day at Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh. The stadium’s history is both famous and notorious:

Olympic Stadium was designed by Vann Molyvann by Cambodia’s most remarkable modern architect. The stadium was built during Phnom Penhs Golden Age with the view to hosting the 1963 Southeast Asian Peninsular Games, but the games were cancelled due to political problems in Cambodia. Vann was the most talented of a large group of architects who contributed to the unique and authentic style of architecture that emerged during this era and that has been coined New Khmer Architecture. 

During the Khmer Rouge era, the stadium was used as the site of executions by the Khmer Rouge of officials in the administration of Lon Nol.

In the decades following the Khmer Rouge era, the stadium facilities fell into disrepair. As of 2007, the stadium has come to be a popular attraction for Phnom Penh residents, who attend daily exercise sessions, as well as football games and other activities.

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