JED + The Steve Fund Launch Equity in Mental Health Framework

November 10, 2017

equity framework

~ Special announcement from the JED Foundation ~

We are excited to announce the Equity in Mental Health Framework that provides colleges and universities with ten recommendations and key implementation strategies to help inform and strengthen their mental health supports and programs for students of color. 

Research indicates that students of color at American colleges and universities are almost twice as likely not to seek care when they feel depressed or anxious. 

In addition, a recent online Harris Poll of 1,000 college students conducted by JED and The Steve Fund (with equal samples of African American, Latinx, white and Asian American students) found that students of color (in comparison to white students) are:

  • significantly less likely to describe their campus as inclusive (28% to 45%) and
  • more likely to indicate that they often feel isolated on campus (46% to 30%).

These statistics demonstrate a clear need for a more tailored approach to protecting the mental health of students of color.

We partnered with The Steve Fund to provide accessible information, ideas and examples so that more schools across the country are better equipped to prioritize this important work and ensure mental health equity for our nation’s college students. 

Read the official press release here and visit to download the document and other valuable tools. 

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