Innovative state responses to parental substance use disorders and child maltreatment

April 16, 2013

The National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW) is pleased to announce the release of the In-Depth Technical Assistance (IDTA) tools and products developed by states working to meet the needs of families affected by substance use disorders who are involved or at risk of involvement with the child welfare system. Check out the products and innovative work accomplished by each of the 17 sites, including:

Through technical assistance from NCSACW, these sites developed innovative programs and wide-ranging policy and administrative changes. Examples of tools developed include:

  • Data and information-sharing protocols
  • Screening and assessment protocols for parental substance use
  • Interagency agreements and memorandums of agreement
  • Cross-systems training protocols…and much more!

Interested in developing these innovative programs, results, and tools in your jurisdiction? Through the IDTA program, NCSACW provides substantial support and expertise to assist sites in strengthening collaboration and linkages across systems to improve outcomes for child welfare-involved families affected by substance use disorders.

Check out the In-Depth Technical Assistance (IDTA) Final Report 2007–2012 [PDF – 306 KB] for a comprehensive summary of the successes and lessons learned from the 17 IDTA sites.

Find out how you can participate in the IDTA program. If you have questions, contact NCSACW at or 1-866-493-2758

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