Implementing Evidence-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs: Legislation to Practice

March 01, 2014

Network faithful take note: One of our favorite followers is the Office of Adolescent Health (OAH). They consistently do great work that we feature often in Friday Update and doggone if they haven’t gone and done it again!

We were pleased to see that the Journal of Adolescent Health just released a special issue supplement titled “Implementing Evidence-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs: Legislation to Practice,” featuring implementation findings and lessons learned from OAH’s TPP Program. Each paper in the supplement addresses a unique topic in implementation science while reinforcing common themes, such as the importance of planning, monitoring fidelity, and assessing and building capacity. The supplement also includes topics such as creating standardized performance measures, the medical accuracy review process, working with tribal populations, working with parenting teens, ensuring fidelity to program models, training staff members, and establishing working relationships and support in communities. The full journal issue will be available via open access for the next six months (until 8/19/2014).

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