How Much Do You Know About The Uninsured? Take the Quiz.

April 25, 2012

kaiser logoThe Kaiser Family Foundation has come up with yet another great tool for you to use to help you better understand health care reform.

With record numbers of Americans lacking health coverage, the substantial growth of the uninsured population in recent decades has been a vexing problem in the United States and served as a primary impetus for the enactment of the Affordable Care Act.

In order to foster greater understanding of the nature of the problem, the Kaiser Family Foundation has created an Uninsured Quiz to help people gauge how much they know about the uninsured population and the consequences of not having health coverage.

Take the quiz to test your knowledge about a range of subjects, from how many Americans are uninsured, to what happens to people who lose their employer-based health coverage when they lose their job, to what the health reform law will do to make coverage available to more people. The answers page provides links to Foundation resources for additional information on each topic covered in the 10 questions.

The Foundation also has quizzes on Medicare and the health reform law.

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