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Hindsight is 2020

December 17, 2020

Morning Zen is honored to have Julie Radlauer-Doerfler grace us with a poem that sums up the wild ride known as the year 2020.

Hindsight is 2020

As the year ends we typically schedule time to pause and reflect
To look at the annual happenings both challenges and success
To our minds eye we are shaken by the exceptional turn of events
For 2020 afforded a roller coaster that denies common sense

The year started with the typical hustle and bustle of the day
Children off to school, parents working with little time to play
Our days were filled with mundane responsibilities utilizing all our time
With our heads down and on autopilot, lack of presence was the crime

News of a pandemic started taking the world by storm
And what other countries were experiencing became the US norm
We had heard the stories of illness and of the masses dying
But until we experienced it ourselves we assumed that they were lying

Now the virus was upon us, safety became priority number one
Schools closed and work stopped clearly the damage had been done
As people were afraid, they scrambled to ensure their good health
The country would suffer with the erosion of both salary and wealth

Within the first quarter something appeared out of sorts
Flights were halted and ships were docked at all available ports
Over one weekend in March our world literally came to a halt
Confusion and disbelief ensued, with some trying to identify fault

In an instant families had to decide how to home school while working too
And how working families were expected to do this, we had no clue
Many were forced to make a Faustian choice just to make ends meet
And balancing money, food, safety and children became an impossible feat

In the blink of an eye our world quickly pivoted quite a bit
The shift included masks, gloves and creating a sanitizer kit
Overnight the shelves were bare and supply chains were undone
Quickly food lines appeared and on toilet paper there was a run

Some settled into quarantine unless one was essential indeed
For doctors, nurses and first responders were certainly now in need
It soon became apparent that others were equally valuable as well
Unfortunately the numbers of positive cases continued to sharply swell

It promptly became apparent, the overwhelming disparate rate of death
While the elderly and compromised attempted to catch their breath
Low socioeconomic communities clearly struggled more than most
Sadly black and brown families had the highest rates to boast

Between the change, fear and uncertainty, people started to stress
Mental health became the next concerning wave for experts to address
The intersectionality was negatively impacting some
BIPOC continued to experience inequity and ease was yet come

As summer crept closer, the next wave rounded the bend
Police brutality was the driving force for systems to upend
Social injustice became the daily chant as black and brown people died in vain
The Murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the nation was in pain

As if this were not enough, the election reared it’s ugly head
With Political strife and fake news, our country needed to be lead
It was the most chaotic election, for many just getting to the poll
And even after the final results, the divisiveness took it’s toll

Normalcy, whatever that is, is on the horizon for half the nation
And the dream of truth and justice for all is driving the equation
We have a treacherous road ahead until we can begin to breathe
And because we sit in opposing camps, it is not possible for all to appease

So clearly 2020 has been a year that will fill history books
And through it all there remains opportunity in the crannies and the nooks
We are a nation that is born on the benefits of post traumatic growth
And if we play our cards right not one side will benefit but both

In these trying times we accomplished upheaval with barely batting an eye
We are transforming challenge into opportunity, and daily we continue to try
Upon reflection we can express gratitude for all that has gone right
And in the end we should celebrate success with complexity of such a plight

Within just one year we have clearly become the master of our domain
We have worked to feed the hungry, comfort the young and care for the brain
We have figured out how to test for free and created a vaccine in record time
We no longer need to leave our house, we can order from Amazon Prime

Our meetings have become virtual and we accomplish more by noon
We have celebrated holidays, births and funerals, and we do it all on zoom
We no longer expect perfection, we have learned how to offer grace
And have the confidence to know that the next hurdle will be mastered in a swift pace

Our schools are doing the best they can and we recognize it is just one year
And attention to public health and medicine has sparked new interest in that career
With the decrease in travel and public waste the earth is on the mend
And self care is a priority, as we strive for eudaimonia in the end

While some may have gained the Covid 19, they know they will shed it soon
New hobbies have been cultivated such as cooking and carrying a tune
We now take the time to connect with friends and loved ones just to say hi
And kindness to fellow living beings has become how we shall abide

So upon first glance we judge this year saying it can’t get worse that this
But when we unpack the happenings we realize there are good times we will miss
Out of true challenge comes a chance to re-create the person we are with plenty
And we should choose to emphasize the good, because hindsight is 2020

~ Julie Radlauer-Doerfler ~

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About the Author

Julie Radlauer-Doerfler

Julie Radlauer-Doerfler is a changemaker and a peacemaker.  In every aspect of her career, she has focused on transforming individuals, organizations and communities. She specializes in utilizing evidence-based and researched practices to inform her processes. Her style of embracing change in a warm and nurturing manner offers support to those she works with. Julie truly believes that we should “be the change we want to see in the world” and actualizes this value in her work and her life. Julie has published several articles and reports and has facilitated hundreds of workshops, training events and presentations. Julie has three kind and brilliant sons and an amazing husband.

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