Health Exchange Update: Maryland, Colorado and D.C. – You’re up!

April 23, 2012

Get ready for Exchange frenzy Network faithful. If you reside in the states of Colorado, Maryland and our favorite District of Columbia, then ya gotta read this and get involved – this week. I’m gonna channel my inner Bob Seger  and answer the question to his famous refrain – “deadlines and commitments, what to leave in and what to leave out.” This is definitely one to leave in, so get on it!


The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (the Exchange) is establishing three new Advisory Committees to enable stakeholders to provide input as the Exchange considers key policies and processes that will be required for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The three committees are:

  • Navigator Program Advisory Committee – Navigators are organizations and individuals defined by the Affordable Care Act who are required to provide information and assistance to individuals and small businesses about insurance plans and enrollment in the Exchange.
  • Continuity of Care Advisory Committee – As individuals transition between Medicaid, the Exchange, and the outside commercial market, continuity is important to ensure that individuals receive appropriate, needed care and avoid unnecessary duplication of services.
  • Plan Management Advisory Committee – Insurance plans offered in the Exchange must be certified to ensure they meet federal and state requirements for “qualified plans”. 

The Exchange Board is accepting resumes for interested individuals to serve on the new Exchange Advisory Committees. Candidates should submit a current resume along with the “Advisory Committee Interest Form” by April 27th, 2012 for consideration. Download the memo here.

Washington, DC:

After getting their Exchange bill approved last month the District is wasting no time in getting going. First up – seeking public feedback on how to shape the Navigator program. Okay DC-ites, this is your chance to help shape what the Exchange will look like for Washington, DC. Gives me goose bumps just thinkin’ about it… Take the online survey here. Comments must be received by May 4th so get on it!


On April 9th the Colorado Health Benefits Exchange Board (COHBE) shared a memo outlining a recommendation to form four volunteer Advisory Groups (Health Plan, Individual Experience, SHOP, and Outreach and Communications) for the purpose of obtaining focused community input on Exchange development and implementation. Last week, a call was held to gain public input into the process for forming these advisory groups and their composition structure. The attached memo incorporates the feedback received to date and proposes a process and timeline for selecting advisory group members and charters describing each group’s specific focus areas.

Nominations for the Advisory Groups needs to be completed in writing and turned in to the Board by May 4th. Download the memo and the nomination form here.

Network members take note: Colorado, Maryland and the District of Columbia all have a long history with the Child Mental Health Initiative, dating back to the early days of CASSP. The wisdom and experience of the system of care movement must live on through the Exchanges, as that is where key decisions will be made about coverage for children’s mental health at the state level. Alumni and current grantees of the CMHI, current and past statewide family network grantees – this is your time to lobby hard for a seat on these Advisory Groups. Go get ’em!

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