Friday Update

Friday update – 8-3-12

March 03, 2013


Friday update – 8-3-12

Greetings faithful readers. We have a smorgasbord of important items uploaded to the website this week. Block grant and Medicaid conundrums continue, but not to worry – we are on it!

Update to the block grant discussion
Can someone help us understand why the unified block grant process feels like some sort of MI-5 black ops mission to those of us involved in the children’s mental health world? We do love our Brit shows. We’ve got updates and details on the recent National Conference: State Systems Development Program (SSDP), basically the Lollapalooza for block grant administrators. Details here.

Medicaid – So much for unrequited love…
Okay folks, if you think Medicaid is the answer to funding quality services for children and youth with serious emotional challenges and their families…. well, maybe yes and maybe no. It’s been almost 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicaid into law. That could all change and be dramatically scaled back depending on the outcome of the elections. Remember Network faithful, we are made up of people from all political affiliations as mental health issues know no boundaries, but you need to be informed about what’s coming down the Pike. A must read.

Follow exchange development state by state
You know the Network – we love the cool factor. If you do too, check out this great new tool from the Commonwealth Fund. Use this interactive map to review the status of state action on state health insurance exchanges. Details here.

Who’s in Charge Here? Governance in Systems of Care
Community Solutions is putting on another one of their wildly successful webinars on August 21st. This next one features Sharon Hodges, PhD and Kathleen Ferreira, PhD, who will be presenting findings based on analysis of data from the CMHI national evaluation. Critical information for all of us as we make a case for a system of care approach in these challenging times. Details here.

To understand mental health disparities, look to R.I.C.E., not race
Network faithful have been burning up the email recommending a closer look at a recent article by Dr. James Jackson in Psychiatric News that highlighted the complex influence of race, immigration, culture, and ethnicity, or “R.I.C.E.,” on disparities in mental health. Check it out here.

Whew! Doors remain open for the feds
Okay, good news for our friends in Federal government. Looks like they are in business for a bit longer. House and Senate leaders have agreed on a deal to keep the agency lights on for six months after the end of the fiscal year, September 30th. Now if they can only get that pesky little sequestration issue solved

New resources from our friends in Canada
There is a new series of information pamphlets released by the Offord Centre for Child Studies, Canada’s leading children’s mental health research centre. The pamphlets are one page (front and back), and provide easily accessible information about anxiety, attention, autism, behavior, eating problems, mood, substance abuse and Tourette Syndrome. They are now available in English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktiut, Italian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Good stuff! Details here.

Clean the burn marks out of the office coffee pot, make another round and enjoy these additional “must read” items.

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