Friday Update 7-26-13

July 27, 2013


Friday Update 7-26-13

Greetings faithful readers. Straight up we are gonna be askin’ you to get involved in a number of different ways next week. We have work to do with educating decision-makers about the value of focusing comprehensive attention toward the needs of emerging adults transitioning from youth services to adult services, a focus that is painfully absent in the Senate markup of the Labor-HHS bill. We also need to respond to the House version that… oh wait a minute… the House is still playing hide and seek with their version. We need to make some noise folks. We are spending this weekend and the first part of next week laying the groundwork for action but for now; enjoy the cornucopia of great information in this edition of Friday Update. Since we will be asking you to up your risk factor next week let’s start with a great example of taking a risk and doing something familiar a bit different but better. We need you to do things a bit different but better if we are going to halt the gradual deterioration of services for youth with serious emotional challenges and their families. Enjoy the great Marvin Gaye singing his version of the Star Spangled Banner at the 1983 NBA All-Star game. Marvin got some heat for changing up the traditional version, but today his rendition is recognized as a timeless classic. Network faithful are timeless classics as well who can shake things up with the best of them. Enjoy the video and then get to readin’ Friday Update.

Most important reads for this week

Can approval ratings for Congress get any lower?
The American public’s dissatisfaction with Washington has reached new heights, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, as the political world continues to fight the same intractable battles over the budget, health care and immigration.

How addiction treatment killed Cory Monteith
Straightforward and to the point - Maia Szalavitz addresses anti-maintenance stigma head on in discussing the dangers inherent to opioid addiction when someone goes cold turkey and then relapses.

Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon wins prestigious international award
Congratulations to Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon, the winner of the Canadian CYCC Network international category in their Best Practice Video Competition: Exemplary Practices for Children and Youth. Send some serious Network love to the amazing folks at Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon who are goin’ all international on us… and we love it!

CMS finalizes proposed rule outlining standards for Navigators
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) took the next step in moving toward implementation by finalizing a proposed rule outlining the standards for Navigators, the in-person assisters in Federally-facilitated and State Partnership Marketplaces. We are getting closer folks!

CAPs critical to Navigator success
Speaking of Navigators… We have not talked much about the federal health care law’s Consumer Assistance Programs (CAPs), but they are key to helping Navigators deal with tricky insurance problems and questions – something families who have children with serious emotional challenges know only too well and will likely face as they sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. This past week Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and nine other US Senators sent a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius pointing out the critical role these programs will play in open enrollment this fall and advocating for the extension of funding for these programs which are currently scheduled to expire in August. Keep up the heat Senator Warren!

Latino groups worry about ACA enrollment
The Obama administration is counting on Latinos to help make the Affordable Care Act a success, but there may be troubles ahead: Hispanic health centers and community organizations say they don’t have the funding or resources to carry out the complicated sign up process for the 10 million Latinos who will be eligible for new public and subsidized health coverage options.

Labor-HHS markup postponed
Hearing the news that the House has delayed indefinitely the markup of the Labor-HHS bill made us think of the scene in Independence Day when the alien crafts were initially hovering over major cities in the US. Are they friend or foe? If you watched the movie you know the answer – they didn’t exactly have the best of intentions for the citizenry below them. We will keep you posted. In the meantime, call your mom and tell her to go to Aunt Esther’s (One of our favorite Independence Day trivia blasts).

Is mental health stigma overrated?
Linda Rosenberg, President & CEO, National Council for Behavioral Health asks the question that often does not get asked – Is mental health stigma overrated? Be sure to visit her blog Linda’s Corner Office and let her know what you think.

Victory for transgender teen in California
The U.S. Justice and Education departments have ruled that a transgender student who is anatomically female but lives life as a male must have access to school bathrooms, locker rooms and other facilities designed for boys. This is a first-of-its-kind decision and directs the Arcadia school district (outside of Los Angeles) to change district policies and practices to accommodate the rising ninth-grade student. Rock on Arcadia!

Payment and delivery system reform: It’s all about the data, states!
Looks like another great webinar from the folks at the National Academy for State Health PolicyThis webinar is the third in a multi-part NASHP series to help states that are ready to take the next step in thinking about multi-payer approaches to payment and delivery reform, moving beyond the medical home. Check it out Network faithful!

Integration innovations: A discussion with federal agencies
Join the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions and the AHRQ Academy for Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care to learn about two innovative federal investments in programs and technical assistance resources that support the integration of primary care and behavioral health services. The future is now folks.

Federal investments in children down three years in a row
FIRST FOCUS released a report yesterday showing that total spending on children has decreased three years in a row. If this doesn’t wake up your advocacy spirit nothing will.

Time to get “inked up” with Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation is launching a unique campaign for you, by you, and with you. Prepare to get “inked up” with your very own BRAVEstamp and be a part of a joint effort to get the Born Brave Bus back on the road. Led by Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta, the Born This Way Foundation was founded in 2011 to foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated. The Foundation is dedicated to creating a safe community that helps connect young people with the skills and opportunities they need to build a kinder, braver world. 

HIPPY USA National Research and Evaluation Center established at USF
To advance the evidence base for the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) and support the research and evaluation efforts of HIPPY programs across the United States, the HIPPY USA National Research and Evaluation Center (NREC) has been established at the University of South Florida. The NREC will conduct rigorous research, provide meaningful program evaluation support, & engage in productive collaboration to promote positive child, family, & community outcomes. Another big win for USF. Nice going USF!

Not to be missed

SAMHSA awards up to nearly $4 million in System of Care Expansion Planning grants
Congratulations are in order for the winning proposals for funding to expand and sustain the system of care approach to providing services for children and youth with serious emotional disturbances and their families. Make it count folks!

Attention Network faithful who are also APA members: CYF Call for Nominations
Here is a great opportunity for Network faithful who are also members of the American Psychological Association (APA). The Committee on Children, Youth, and Families (CYF) is anticipating two vacancies in 2014. Not that we are biased or anything, but we need some Network faithful on this committee. Heck, if we can get a rabid Network faithful on the committee we may even send some Network schwag your way…

Remarks by the President on Trayvon Martin
This past Friday President Obama gave an unannounced and unscripted speech on his feelings about the Trayvon Martin case. Read the official transcript from the White House here.

Changing coping, changes bipolar disorder
The International Bipolar Foundation is offering another great webinar – this time with Network favorite Ross Szabo, award winning speaker, author, consultant and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. He was Director of Outreach for the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign for 8 years and is the co-author of Behind Happy Faces: Taking Charge of Your Mental Health. Now that’s some serious street cred so you want to sign up for this one.

HHS is looking for external entrepreneurs
HHS is looking for external entrepreneurs to work on high-risk, high reward projects while tackling the biggest challenges in health care and government! Lots of examples of projects to be involved with. Let’s show the federalies some entrepreneurial love Network faithful. Check this one out.

Collaborative culture helps Portland gear up for national health reform
Shaped by Oregon’s collaborative culture and activist history on health care issues, the Portland metropolitan area appears well prepared for national health reform, according to a new community report released today by the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC).



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