Friday update – 7-13-12

March 03, 2013


Friday update – 7-13-12

Greetings faithful readers. It has been a busy week for the Network, and no, we ain’t afraid of no Triskaidekaphobia. From what we have been told, the only way to cure this psychiatric condition is to read “Friday Update” and rock out to The Cure – Cuz it’s “Friday I’m in love.” So sit back, turn the speaker volume up to 8, take in the aroma of your morning blend and enjoy the offerings posted to the website this week.

Dewey beats Truman! Or in this case, Obamacare loses
The New Yorker has posted an amusing collection of magazine covers that were produced before the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act. Details here.

There is a storm coming and it is called sequestration
Last year, Congress enacted the Budget Control Act (BCA) as part of a compromise over raising the debt ceiling. If the bi-partisan committee appointed to carry out the BCA and develop a deficit reduction plan is unable to come to agreement, sequestration kicks in January 2013. Under sequestration, an amount of money equal to the difference between the cap set in the Budget Resolution and the amount actually appropriated is “sequestered” by the Treasury and not handed over to the agencies to which it was originally appropriated by Congress. While much attention has been paid to potential cuts in defense due to sequestration, the cuts in domestic programs would be equally devastating.

What does this mean for the Network? Stay strong and say to your congressional representatives over and over again – “Enough with the posturing already. Spend the next six months doing the job you gave yourself under the Budget Control Act (BCA) – pass a balanced deficit reduction that avoids the sequester.” Funding for children’s mental health has already taken a hit. We can’t afford another one. Network faithful –still got your speakers dialed up to 8? Good. Learn more about sequestration in Morning Zen and get fired up with a little Gnarls Barkley

Whiteboard Campaign for Children’s Mental Health!
We are in the midst of shaping the future of children’s mental health service delivery, both in the United States and abroad. Debates about the best way to run a country, run a health care system, and support children and families are raging and it can be hard to figure out where children’s mental health issues should fit. At the Network we believe that the issue of children’s mental health belongs everywhere and that there are opportunities present every day for us to take a stand for children’s mental health. Take a stand now by sharing the question you think needs to be asked to improve children’s mental health. Your questions will help us collectively imagine and advocate for an improved children’s mental health delivery system across the globe. Ask your question now.

Pack your sunscreen – Orlando is calling
Only two more weeks before the Training Institutes! Don’t miss the premier conference on children’s mental health. There’s still time. Plus, there are still a few spots open for the intensive Pre-Institutes. Check it out here.

Good luck Kristin Melton!
Kristin is one of the Networks strongest ambassadors, spreading the word about children’s mental health awareness and reducing stigma in communities across the nation and abroad. Kristin competes next week for the title of Mrs. International 2012. Good luck Kristin, the Network will be cheering for you!

$1.0 billion headed to Oregon for health care reform The federal government has formally approved reforms to the Oregon Health Plan as well as $1.9 billion to support them. The Children’s Mental Health Network is watching the developments in Oregon with a keen eye on how families who have children with serious emotional challenges will fare under the transformation initiative. Details here.

So what really would happen if states opt out of Medicaid expansion? Who loses?
The Washington Post has produced a telling graphic that plainly shows that the “losers” would be the poorest of the American population. If governors opt their states out of the health law’s Medicaid expansion — as many are now threatening to do — it’s the poorest Americans who would find themselves getting the rawest deal. Read more here.

Important Suicide Prevention webinar coming up
Don’t miss the latest webinar being offered by Community Solutions at the University of South Florida with Katherine J. Lazear and Stephen Roggenbaum. The presenters are authors of the Youth Suicide Prevention School-Based Guide. Details here.

HHS plans ACA implementation forums for this summer
The Network was pleased to see that HHS will be hosting Affordable Care Act implementation forums across the country to provide an opportunity for states and stakeholders to learn more about the next steps in implementing the health care law. Details here.

Oh, so that’s what a health insurance exchange is…
Hot off the press from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – great information on how health insurance exchanges can improve quality and aid in system reform. Details here.

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