Friday Update 5-31-13

June 01, 2013


Friday Update 5-31-13

Greetings faithful readers – Happy Friday to you. We begin this issue with a shout out to the amazing crew at Sesame Workshop who, as always, are on the ball with making available practical resources for families and providers dealing with difficult situations. You can read about their contribution to the good folks in Oklahoma who have just been through a series of tornados in our lead “important read” below. But first – a musical tribute to this wonderful organization. Now you might think we would go all Muppet on ya but that would be too easy. Since the folks at Sesame Workshop continually spice up our life there could be no better tribute than, you guessed it, the Spice Girls. “Colors of the world, Spice up your life, Every boy and every girl, Spice up your life, People of the world, Spice up your life, aahh.” Okay, now that you are hummin’ (cuz we know that you know the lyrics by heart) clear your desks, jump on the tables and get to dancin’ and then get to readin’ Friday Update.

Most important reads for this week

Tips for parents and caregivers impacted by the tornados in Oklahoma and how you can help
Network faithful, we are excited to share with you the work of two great organizations that are committed to making a difference for families impacted by the recent devastating tornados in Oklahoma – Sesame Workshop and the Oklahoma Federation of Families. Sesame Workshop is making available their resource kit – Here for Each Other: Helping Families After an Emergency. The kit is a downloadable pdf that is written in English and Spanish. Thank you Sesame Workshop! The Oklahoma Federation of Families is working around the clock to meet the needs of families affected by the tornado. Get involved with their Youth Gifting Program and show some serious Network love.

Family Networks offer communities hope
Speaking of great family organizations, let’s continue with a celebration of two more family organizations that know how to do it right and are also superstars in the Statewide Family Network grant program. In the latest SAMHSA newsletter, both the Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health and the Parent/Professional Advocacy League in Massachusetts were featured for their stellar work as Statewide Family Network grantees. Maryland and Massachusetts are lucky to have these two organizations. And, we are lucky to have them as supporters of the Children’s Mental Health Network. Maybe we can auction off their autographs for our next fundraiser…

Take Mental Health to Heart – Last day of the campaign! 
Throughout the month of May, the Children’s Mental Health Network is uniting with Magellan Health Services’ Take Mental Health to Heart campaign to raise awareness about the importance of investing in America’s youth through its Plant a Seed social media campaign. Thank you Magellan for partnering with the CMHNetwork, and for an incredibly productive and fun month. Thank you to everyone who took the time this month to visit and plant a “virtual seed” in support of the Take Mental Health to Heart campaign. You can continue to show your support of the Children’s Mental Health Network by planting additional “virtual seeds” on this final day of May. Every seed counts. Please continue planting those seeds (it’s free) and support the Network.

The sequester unpacked: new animated video!
NDD United, a national coalition of 3,200 organizations (including Network faithful!) working to stop budget cuts to core government functions is releasing a video that you can use to educate policymakers, the press and the public about the disproportionate cuts non-defense discretionary programs – including employment and training, research, public health, education, public safety, housing, social services, infrastructure and environmental protection – have taken as a result of deficit reduction efforts and how these cuts will impact our daily lives. Good stuff Network faithful. Download and share widely!

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force seeking public comment on child depression screening
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has posted a draft research plan on screening for depression in children and adolescents, which is available for public comment. Network faithful are encouraged to review the draft research plan and submit comments. The Task Force believes that soliciting outside input will help to ensure that their final recommendations are valid, reliable and useful to clinicians, patients and family members. Okay folks, you know what to do.

Modeling bipolar disorder through pharmacological manipulation
The International Bipolar Foundation has another great webinar coming up on June 6th with Dr. Nadja Freund on Modeling Bipolar Disorder through Pharmacological Manipulation. Dr. Freund is currently establishing a model that could pave the way for understanding the biochemical processes underlying the devastating mood-swings in this disorder. Check it out!

Here’s a challenge: help prevent high-risk drinking among college students and win sixty thousand bucks!
Can you say cha-ching? Okay all you cool technology savvy Network faithful, here is a great opportunity to showcase your technology skills and help reduce high-risk drinking among college students at the same time. Participate in the SAMHSA sponsored challenge to find creative technology that can reach a diverse population of college students and their parents, as well as administrators, faculty, and staff. Oh yeah, the winner of this contest wins a cool 60 grand from SAMHSA. Say what???

YES! Youth working to bring school-based health center to Wake County, N.C.
We have profiled the work of Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!) on the CMHNetwork website in the past and we are compelled to do it again. Network faithful would be remiss if you didn’t check out their efforts to bring a school-based health center (SBHC) to a Wake County, N.C. public school. The focus of their effort is to ensure that youth ages 12-18 are actively involved and have a voice in what health care services they receive and how they receive them. So how the heck can you argue with that? Great lessons here for what other youth organizations could be doing across the country!

Ensuring that low-income people get and keep Medicaid coverage
Listen up Network faithful – great information from our colleagues at Families USA on specific ways to ensure low-income people get and keep Medicaid coverage!

New infographic from
Network faithful will want to check out the new infographic from It is based on research and statistics from the Bullying Prevention Training Module, a resource that many of you are familiar with and that is designed to help community leaders organize bullying prevention efforts. We love the infographics and this one is way cool…

National Council of La Raza 2013 annual conference (Health Summit)
This year the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) will be hosting its second national Health Summit which will update attendees on the continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act and how immigration reform may play a role. Check it out Network faithful!

Flinn Foundation seeks proposals from mental health organizations serving southeast Michigan
Hey Network faithful in Michigan – heads up! The Ethel & James Flinn Foundation is accepting proposals from nonprofit organizations for programs that provide mental health care and services in southeast Michigan. One-year grants ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 will be awarded so Network faithful in Michigan need to check this one out.

Hot links

New resource postings to the CMHNetwork website this week

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