Friday Update

Friday update – 5-11-12

March 03, 2013


Friday update – 5-11-12

Greetings faithful readers. Here is what’s new on the Children’s Mental Health Network website this week. Several funding opportunities available in this issue, so grab a latte, sip it slowly and think strategically…

Reconciliation Bill passes in the House
Read this morning’s New York Times article for a review of what is included in the Bill and then pop over to Morning Zen for a view on what the current climate in Congress means for children’s mental health.

Health Reform: A Bridge to Health Equity
Write it down – May 23rd, 2:00 pm EST – A great opportunity to participate in a webinar with Daniel Dawes, attorney and the Executive Director of government relations, health policy, and external affairs at Morehouse School of Medicine. Daniel was one of thirteen experts invited to serve on the newly established Health Equity Leadership Commission to provide guidance to Members of Congress, the Obama Administration, and officials at the Department of Health and Human Services on implementing health reform. If you want to hear from someone who has been deeply involved in health care negotiations in Washington, DC, then don’t miss this webinar. Props to Community Solutions at the University of South Florida for offering this webinar. Sign up for the webinar here.

SAMHSA Announces New CMHI Grant Opportunity
Props to SAMHSA for announcing new 4-year “System of Care Expansion Implementation Grants.” This new round of grant funding is designed to help SAMHSA continue their efforts to expand and sustain the system of care approach across America. There is a very short turnaround on this grant application (applications are due by June 19) so you need to move quickly. Go to the SAMHSA site for all the details.

Georgetown Training Institutes – 22 Targeted Institutes – goodness gracious!
Okay, we know that if you haven’t already registered for the Georgetown Training Institutes, you are going to… today, right? But did you also know that there are 22 (yes, 22) Targeted Institutes that take place on Sunday, July 29? And here is the best part – they are included with your conference registration but you need to pre-register to attend them. If you want the opportunity to really delve into a topic like building a system of care, using education and advocacy tools for system reform, using state of the art assessment tools, providing early mental health consultation and much more – then ya gotta sign up. Get the scoop here.

Flash mobs invade two cities (that we know of)
The peaceful and tranquil cities of Baltimore, MD and Madison, WI were invaded on Wednesday by Flash Mobs. Is it anarchy? Revolt? Or just a bunch of wild and groovin’ Children’s Mental Health Day advocates? Click on the cities in question to find out.

Expanding Systems of Care: Improving the Lives of Children and Families
Do you ever find yourself trying to explain to someone the concept of a system of care approach? Well, we just found a new resource that will help you do just that. Written by Beth Stroul, Sybil Goldman, Sheila Pires and Brigitte Manteuffel (all superstars in the SOC movement), the publication does a nice job of highlighting the benefits of a system of care approach for youth and families, improvements in service delivery, and makes the case for expanding systems of care. Download the publication here and then put it on your new Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. (we are a slave to product placement…)

Heads up – Mental and Behavioral Health Education and Training Grants available from HRSA
If you are part of an accredited school of social work or psychology you need to check out this grant opportunity. The Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA’s) Mental and Behavioral Health Education and Training Grants Program supports eligible institutions of higher education to recruit students and provide education and clinical experience in mental and behavioral health. The program aims to increase the number of social workers and psychologists who pursue clinical work with high-need and high-demand populations. For this funding opportunity, “high need” and “high demand” refer to rural, vulnerable, and/or underserved populations, and veterans and military personnel and their families. Up to 20 grants at a maximum level of $480,275 will be awarded. Get the details here.

Oregon – A state worth watching The Obama administration is buying into an ambitious health-care initiative in Oregon, announcing an agreement to chip in $1.9 billion over five years to help get the program off the ground. Oregon hopes to prove states can save billions on Medicaid without sacrificing the quality of health care. Details here.

ACYF promotes social and emotional well-being of children and youth who have experienced maltreatment and trauma and are receiving child welfare services
ACYF has released the Information Memorandum (ACYF-CB-IM-12-04) Social and Emotional Well-Being for Children and Youth Receiving Child Welfare Services to provide guidance to child welfare agencies looking to expand their capacity to make meaningful and measurable changes in social and emotional well-being for children who have experienced maltreatment, trauma, and/or exposure to violence. Study up folks!

Let us know what you need from the Network!
We love feedback so let us know how we can improve the website to better meet your needs. Contact us here.

As always, thank you for your continued support of the Children’s Mental Health Network,

Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO

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