Friday Update

Friday Update 3-9-18

March 10, 2018


Friday Update 3-9-18 

Greetings faithful readers. Thanks to all who made the trip to Tampa, FL to attend the 31st Annual Tampa Conference! After a year of planning with my colleague and brother from another mother, Mario Hernandez, and making sure things ran smoothly during the past week, my dogs are whooped! So, with that, let’s start off with Laura and Anton’s rendition of “I’ll See You In My Dreams,” cuz dreamland is where I am headed for the next week or so. Enjoy dreamland and then get to readin’ Friday Update, cuz we got work to do!

Most important reads for this week  

We Are All Star Stuff
The CMHNetwork is so blessed to have Network faithful like Liza Long. Liza has the ability, through written word, to capture the essence of our humanity when grappling with the conundrum that is mental illness, and more important, recovery. In this beautifully written Morning Zen post, Liza addresses the heartbreaking story of Morgan Geyser, who was sentenced to 40 years in a mental institution. Morgan and her friend Anissa Weier were just 12 years old, the same age as Liza’s daughter, when they carried out a plan to stab their friend in an attempt to appease Slenderman, a shadowy mythological Internet figure who epitomizes the unseen dark matter of the World Wide Web. This Zen post is an important read, Network faithful. It will reconnect you to why we do the work we do.

What Can We Do That Is Scientifically Proven to Reduce Shootings Like Columbine, Newtown, and Parkland?
Let’s talk about the science of preventing human violence in America. Here are some amazingly simple things we can do now: teach students in preschool all the way up through high school to reinforce prosocial behaviors in each other rather than reinforcing “deviant” or antisocial or bullying behaviors in each other.  

Oprah to Report on Trauma-Informed Care on the March 11th 60 Minutes Broadcast
Thanks to our friends at NASMHPD for this update!
On Sunday, March 11, on the CBS network show 60 Minutes, a leading authority on childhood trauma, psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Bruce Perry, tells Oprah Winfrey that adverse events occurring early in a child’s development increase the child’s chances of experiencing physical, social, and mental problems later in life. In the segment, Ms. Winfrey visits two organizations that treat their clients with the “trauma-informed care” approach shaped by Dr. Perry. Both the agencies, SaintA and the Nia Imani Family Center, are in Milwaukee, where Winfrey spent part of her youth and experienced her own instances of childhood trauma. Ms. Winfrey discussed the segment on the March 8 CBS This Morning. She took the idea for a segment on trauma-informed care to 60 Minutes in her role as special correspondent. The interview will air at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT. The transcript of an excerpt from the interview is available here

The Influence of Race and Ethnicity on Becoming a Human Subject: Factors Associated with Participation in Research
African American and Latino adults are willing to participate in medical research, but they are not being asked, according to a study funded by National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities. The study results highlight the need for focused recruitment of racial and ethnic minorities in medical research studies. 

Suicide Clusters within American Indian and Alaska Native Communities
The purpose of this report is to examine what is known about suicide clusters within American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations and to use that information to develop recommendations for stakeholders working to prevent and contain suicide clusters within AI/AN

Report to Congress on The Management of TBI in Children
CDC released a Report to Congress on The Management of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Children, detailing the impact a TBI can have on children and their families. The report identifies gaps in care, outlines opportunities for action to reduce the gaps, and highlights policy strategies to address the short- and long-term consequences of a TBI. The report also highlights TBI management as children transition into adulthood.

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